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773-966-3127 (Chicago)

219-939-7547 (Northwest Indiana)

773-299-7875 (Chicagoland Suburbs)

773-236-6275 (Customer Service)

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My ride was so pleasant my son went to sleep... Thank you Livery Taxi Cab Service for servicing our communities...

★★★★★ -Nessa

Couldn't make it to school without you

★★★★★ -Megan Warren

Many years of service from the ladies who work here to the customers who made it here to work and enjoy themselvers thank you for your many, many, years of service...

★★★★★ -Jimmy

Been taking me to school and my mom to work for years

★★★★★ -Princess

Wouldn't have a job if you guys wasn't there to get me there I appreciate you all

★★★★★ -Scott Reed

Every time my team comes to Chicago, Indiana, or it's suburbs you guys are there to pick them up from the Airports, fortune builders and take them back so I say thank you

★★★★★ -Than Merrill

Here's a Kiss Livery Taxi Cab Service

★★★★★ -Wendy

you guys are the best!!!

★★★★★ -Johari Green

What will the Seniors do without you?

★★★★★ -Darryl


Anybody seen my personal "Dirty Harry" that's my cabby fare...

★★★★★ -Mgr Jay46

Name's Vic, and I've been with the company for awhile and I make great money along with getting a chance to meet a lot of new people, both a great experience & opportunity

★★★★★ -Vic

We are second to none, when we talk about reliability and expediency

★★★★★ -Ke Ke's Larry